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On the ground
Welcome to the age of e-health
E-health: medicine enters the digital age. We provide a
In practice
DMP: medical records 2.0
Retrieving test results, receiving a reminder that a vaccine is due, accessing admission summaries, and more, can all now be carried out in a few clicks with the electronic health
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Jeanne Bossi, secretary general of ASIP Santé
Maximum protection for your personal
Service of tomorrow
Applications for monitoring diabetes
There are now several web and mobile applications for people with diabetes. These tools significantly facilitate managing diabetes on a day-to-day basis, and simplify links with
E-health stakeholders
Practical medical care carried out remotely, via telecommunications.
France and Quebec: working together to computerize the healthcare system
E-health is currently being explored by many countries. It is therefore important that France develops partnerships with other countries, in order to share good
Telemedicine: Norway is leader of the pack
Norway was one of the first countries to take an interest in telemedicine. As it has a very low population density, its inhabitants sometimes have to travel long distances to see
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